Several Flights Canceled and Delayed at Lahore Airport

Numerous flights were canceled and others were postponed at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport on Saturday. According to the authorities, one of the reasons for the disruptions was a shortage of planes, but other considerations may have contributed to the situation.

In total, ten flights were canceled, causing inconvenience to a significant number of passengers, while five other flights were delayed. Among the canceled flights were Fly Jinnah’s flight 9P840 from Karachi to Lahore, as well as the return flight 9P841 from Lahore to Karachi.

Likewise, Fly Jinnah’s flight 9P842 and its return flight 9P843, both of which were scheduled to fly between Karachi and Lahore, were also canceled.

Flight IF341, from Najaf to Lahore, and flight IF342, from Lahore to Najaf, were also canceled by Fly Baghdad. In addition, AirBlue’s aircraft PA-405 from Lahore to Karachi and its return flight PA-406 were also disrupted by the cancellations, causing significant inconvenience to passengers who were eagerly waiting to board their flights.


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