This might be the most stunning iPhone concept I’ve ever seen

You should know that the iPhone in these images isn’t real, no matter how familiar it might seem. Instead, we’re looking at a concept device that combines several iPhone design elements from Apple’s more than 15 years of smartphone manufacturing. It’s also a device that will never be made, at least not with today’s technology and considering the current trends. But it’s still a stunning iPhone concept, showing a device I’d have no problem buying.

The images come from a Redditor who says that the “iPhone 4 is objectively the best looking iPhone,” so they made a modern one.

The iPhone 4 is indeed one of the best-looking iPhones out there. And I dearly miss using mine. Apple brought back the iPhone 4 design with the iPhone 12 series, and there’s no denying that the current iPhone 14 Pro is just as stunning.

The problem with the iPhone 14 Pro is that the handset is much larger and heavier than the iPhone 4. That’s what the concept iPhone in these images fixes.

We’re looking at a smaller and much thinner device that should have the same overall footprint as the iPhone 4. However, the handset features a modern iPhone display with a Dynamic Island notch. That means the screen will far exceed the 3.5-inch Retina Display of the iPhone 4.

Modern iPhone 4 concept: Dynamic Island notch, slim bezels, and capacitive volume buttons.
Modern iPhone 4 concept: Dynamic Island notch, slim bezels, and capacitive volume buttons. Image source: Reddit

Also, we have a dual-lens camera system on the back reminiscent of the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus camera system. That would be another big upgrade over the iPhone 14 single-lens camera. The downside here is that the iPhone has a bump. But I already told you that iPhone camera bumps should be a non-issue.

Moreover, the handset has an incredibly thin profile, reminiscent of the iPhone 6 design. As great as the iPhone 4 design was, there’s no denying the iPhone 6 brought over an equally exciting iPhone look. The capacitive buttons on the sides indicate this Redditor has been keeping up with iPhone 15 Pro rumors.

Finally, this modern iPhone 4 concept has a USB-C port on the bottom, flanked by two speakers. That’s right; there’s no Lightning port or a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack here. We certainly don’t need the latter.

The problem with this gorgeous iPhone design is that Apple isn’t likely to make one. The mini size, as much as I loved it, didn’t sell well, and Apple canceled it. I toyed with getting the iPhone 13 mini for months. The only reason that kept me from it was the more exciting iPhone 14 Pro upgrade that was around the corner.

Modern iPhone 4 concept: Profile, capacitive volume buttons, and USB-C port.
Modern iPhone 4 concept: Profile, capacitive volume buttons, and USB-C port. Image source: Reddit

Secondly, this iPhone concept is too sophisticated for its own good. With current technology, there’s no way to give this device decent battery life. The handset is very thin, and the components will take plenty of room inside, camera module included.

Still, maybe compact iPhones will make a return in the future. Either when Apple launches its first foldable iPhone or when AR glasses will “replace” the iPhone. A foldable iPhone would be thicker but could be quite compact when folded. As for AR glasses, if they become the iPhone’s de facto screen, the iPhone in our pockets could shrink in size significantly.

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