Islamabad Police’s New Traffic Office Lacks Proper Security

Despite receiving over 500 daily visitors for various matters, the newly established Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICTP) traffic office at Faizabad lacks proper security.

According to an APP report, the huge office has no boundary wall and fiber rooms for police officers and field personnel. The mosque can hold only 10-15 people, while the small canteen lacks rudimentary facilities. There aren’t even washrooms for police personnel or visitors, the report adds.

It further highlights that there are only two guards placed at the small visitor gate. These guards only have a large umbrella as shelter from the rain and the sun. They let the visitors into the traffic office after a few questions and little-to-no checking.

The Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) and Superintendent of Police (Traffic) staff are placed in fiber rooms that lack proper seating arrangements. APP tried reaching out to CTO Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanveer regarding a comment on the office condition but did not get a response.

The Islamabad Police spokesperson confirmed that only nine policemen are guarding the Traffic Police office in Faizabad in three shifts under ASI’s supervision. He added that they’re on the office’s front and back.

However, the staff in this vast area with no boundary wall is insufficient to hold off any possible threats.

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