Quran Translation is Now a Mandatory Part of University Curriculum in Pakistan

In a major development, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has mandated the study of the Holy Quran as a compulsory requirement to get an undergraduate degree in universities across the country.

The HEC Advisor (Academics, Curriculum & NAHE), Muhammad Raza Chohan, has issued a letter, which is available with ProPakistani, stating that universities and degree awarding institutes (DAIs) must introduce a course on the study of the Holy Quran with translation, tajwid, and tafseer for Muslim students.

The letter further stated that the course will be non-credited and will involve no additional marks and credit hours. This course will be mandatory for all undergraduate students from Fall 2023.

The decision comes in response to Senate Resolution No. 533 passed on 16 January 2023. HEC has also instructed universities and DAIs to submit a compliance report by 30 June.

To summarize, the teaching of the Holy Quran will now be an essential part of undergraduate education in Pakistani universities, with the aim of providing students with a deeper understanding of their faith and the values that it upholds.

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