Facebook Messenger Now Lets You Play Games With Friends On Video Calls

Facebook has recently revealed its latest feature for Messenger – multiplayer games in a video call. This enables users to chat with their friends and family while competing with them in 14 gaming titles.

Video call gaming is available on Messenger for iOS, Android, and the web, with no need for any specialized installations. Among the 14 games available at launch, you will find some old favorites such as Words With Friends and Mini Golf FRVR, as well as newer titles like Card Wars and Exploding Kittens. Each game is designed to be played by at least two players, although the maximum number of players varies depending on the title.

How To Play

To access the games, simply start a video call on Messenger, tap the group mode button, then tap the “Play” icon and browse the available library of games. Although Facebook has experimented with Messenger-enabled games in the past, this latest mode is expected to have more staying power.

Facebook Gaming has optimized each game for their service, ensuring clearly-demarcated leaderboards and user interfaces that complement the Messenger experience.

At launch, the game lineup is relatively small, featuring only 14 titles, but Facebook has promised more free games later in the year. The company is urging interested developers to contact their Partner Manager for details on how to add games to the platform.

This announcement comes shortly after Meta’s decision to discontinue the standalone Facebook Gaming app.

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