Electric Car Battery Startups to Launch More Efficient Batteries Soon

A new generation of electric vehicle (EV) batteries that have more energy, a longer driving range, and charge more quickly is set for launch by 2025.

According to Reuters, these batteries are powered by new silicon-based electrodes. They will enter production on a mass scale in central Washington state, in the US in the coming year.

Two startups, Group14 Technologies, and Sila Nanotechnologies, are developing new applications for silicon — a plentiful element that is being considered as a supplement or replacement for graphite in battery anodes.

The seven-year-old Group14 announced on Tuesday that construction of a commercial-grade facility for its SCC55 silicon-carbon powder has begun in Moses Lake.

Upon the plant’s opening in 2024, it will have the initial capacity to produce enough anode material for up to 200,000 electric vehicles per annum, with plans to triple capacity to meet demand.

In addition to TDK’s Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), BASF, and SK Inc., Porsche is the first automotive customer for Group14. The company has raised $650 million to date.

Mercedes, ATL, and Seimens are also among the companies involved in Silicon electrode experimentation. Experts believe that silicon will not replace graphite as the primary component of anodes for at least ten years, so take this with a grain of salt.

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