Pakistani Fisherman’s 14-Year-Old Son Wins 7 International Medals

A 14-year-old child from Karachi’s Kemari neighborhood, Amir Hamza Panjari, brought immense pride to Pakistan by winning seven international gold medals in the World Scholar’s Cup in Azerbaijan on Thursday.

His amazing record comprised four gold and three silver medals, obtained by demonstrating his exceptional writing and speaking abilities.

The World Scholar’s Cup is an international academic team competition that draws thousands of contenders from all over the world each year.

What makes Amir Hamza’s accomplishment even more astounding is that, despite coming from a low-income home (his father is a fisherman), Amir Hamza’s enthusiasm for study and persistent hard work enabled him to flourish academically and achieve this astounding success. He is a phenomenal motivation to all ambitious learners.

Amir Hamza expressed his joy at winning the medals and credited his parents and hard work for his success. He mentioned that he was hesitant to travel overseas alone for the first time, but his father persuaded him.

His accomplishment serves as a reminder that Pakistan’s children are full of promise and skill, and with suitable opportunities and support, they can reach great heights.

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