Compressed Air Forcefully Pumped into a 7-Year-Old Child at a Tyre Shop

A seven-year-old child was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after compressed air was forcefully pumped into his body using a pressure pump at a puncture shop in Bajaur.

According to doctors, the child’s condition was serious and required immediate surgery to remove the excess air from his body.

Although the child is now in a stable condition, doctors say that he is still at risk and requires close monitoring.

Police officials have reported that the child was taken to the puncture shop by a few boys who forcibly held him down and pumped air into his body.

Acting on the directives of the Deputy Commissioner (DC), Police arrested the shop owner and initiated an investigation into the matter.

Assistant Commissioner (AC), Khawar Mahboobullah Yousafi, has stated that the authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident and will file a case against the accused.

He added that the involvement of the other boys who accompanied the victim to the shop is also being looked into.

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