Etihad Town Phase II Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony of a New Mosque

The Etihad Group recently celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony of a mosque in its latest project Etihad Town Phase II. The ceremony was attended by the group’s sponsors including Mr. Raheel Munir, Mr. Faisal Khokhar, Mr. Nabeel Khokhar & Mr. Sohail Munir, along with the company’s senior management, strategic sales partners, and clients.

The mosque will be a landmark feature of Etihad Town Phase II and will provide a spiritual center for the community.

Following the ceremony, guests were invited to enjoy a traditional iftar at Faletti’s Hotel, a luxurious hotel located in Lahore.

Addressing the attendees, Mr. Faisal Khokhar congratulated Eithad Town Phase II management and said building a mosque in the heart of Etihad Town Phase II will create a sense of unity and will foster community living among the residents.

On the occasion, Etihad Group COO Mr. ShujaUllah Khan stated that as the project continues to develop, the state-of-the-art mosque will become a central part of the community. He added that Etihad Town Phase II is committed to creating a thriving, vibrant community that is built on the principles of unity, inclusivity, and respect.

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