This Special Number Plate in Dubai is Worth 27 Land Cruisers

A new record was set on Saturday night in Dubai when the car number plate, P7, was auctioned off for an incredible AED 55 million (Rs. 4.25 billion) at the ‘Most Noble Numbers’ auction. In Pakistan, one can purchase around 27 brand-new Toyota Land Cruisers with this amount.

The bidding war among the guests at Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah concluded with the winning bid. The host of the evening had questioned if a new world record would be set, and the answer was, “Yes.”

This sale surpassed the previous world record set 16 years ago in Abu Dhabi, where a number plate was sold for AED 52.5 million.

The bidding for the P7 number plate witnessed a swift rise from the initial bid of AED 15 million to over AED 30 million. However, the offer was momentarily paused at AED 35 million after being given by Pavel Valeryevich Durov, the French-Emirati businessman and the founder of the messaging app, Telegram.

The auction then became fiercely competitive, and bids continued to flood in from many bidders, resulting in a thrilling environment. Finally, an anonymous bidder, identified as Bid Panel 7, secured the winning bid of AED 55 million amidst loud applause from the crowd.

Via Khaleej Times

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