Ford commits to CarPlay in EVs as GM and Rivian wave adios

These past few weeks have been hard for CarPlay users. While GM stated it would no longer support Apple’s software solution for EVs, Rivian reinforced why it prefers offering built-in software rather than relying on CarPlay or Android Auto. Fortunately, on this run of bad luck, Ford says it remains committed to supporting Apple’s solution for the long run.

The carmaker stated to 9to5Mac that it has no plans to abandon CarPlay. A Ford spokesperson said:

“We continue to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto because customers love the capability that enables easy access and control of their smartphone apps – especially our EV customers because some EVs currently do not offer the features.”

That statement is exciting for CarPlay users, who can hope that Ford will be one of the carmakers who could offer the revamped experience of Apple’s car software. Back in WWDC 2022, the company said it was updating its car software.

Per Apple, this software will cover all of a driver’s screen for a cohesive experience. This new version will be specific to each vehicle, “accommodating unique screen shapes and layouts” with new levels of personalization, allowing drivers to choose their gauge cluster design, including brand-specific options.

While the company said it would work closely with carmakers, we are less than two months away from WWDC 2023 – and we have no clue which models will offer this new experience – or when it will land on iOS code.

Most likely, as carmakers announce their 2024 lineups, we could finally see who is embracing this new CarPlay experience and who might focus on its built-in software. While there’s no problem for companies to choose their own solution, users are starting to feel left out, as they’re losing software experiences they like better for an unconvinced reason.

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