Photo of All-New Tesla Model 3 Leaked

Tesla Model 3 has developed a major fan following around the world. The photos of a new Tesla car have now gone viral on social media with the speculations that the car in the photos is a new Model 3.

For a few years now, Tesla has been integrating its large casting technology into the Model Y with single large casting parts replacing dozens of parts in the electric SUV.

This new technology has helped Tesla increase Model Y manufacturing efficiency compared to Model 3. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, said the Model 3 will get the same technology, without mentioning the timeline.

While ramping up Model Y production, Tesla couldn’t afford to slow Model 3 production. Tesla may update the Model 3 with the technology now that Model Y production is surpassing Model 3 production.

California tested a heavily camouflaged Model 3 prototype in December. Soon after, another prototype was spotted in the same area. The prototypes’ front and back camouflage made it difficult to identify any Model 3 changes.

The new photo of what some are calling the Tesla Model 3 refresh shows the vehicle’s new front end. The Tesla subreddit posted the image without attribution.

This could be a Tesla refresh prototype or a car with a body kit. Either way, people are loving what they see and are now excited about the reveal of the new Model 3.

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