UAE Tightens Regulations for Dealing with Misbehaving Passengers on Flights

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has joined a global protocol that empowers airport authorities to take strict action against disorderly passengers arriving in the country via international airlines.

Starting from 1 May 2023, the authorities will have the legal authority to take action against passengers involved in physical assault, harassment, smoking, and non-compliance with crew guidelines.

New regulations will be put in place to fill a gap in aviation law that allows disruptive passengers to evade prosecution for minor misbehavior, regardless of the aircraft’s country of registration.

Incidents on planes can pose a threat to flight safety, delay flights, and disrupt operations, affecting the travel plans of passengers and the working environment for the crew.

Disruptive events that occur on flights can jeopardize flight safety, cause flight delays, and interfere with flight operations, ultimately affecting the travel schedules of passengers and creating hostile working conditions for the flight crew.

The UAE’s adoption of the Montreal Protocol 2014 (MP14) is intended to enhance the global legal framework for addressing bad behavior on flights. This move will give the UAE more jurisdiction to deal with disorderly travelers arriving in the country.

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