Administrator Karachi Issues Important Statement on Elephant Noor Jahan’s Health

Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saif-ur-Rahman has said that the health of Noor Jahan the elephant in Karachi Zoo is gradually improving, for the first time since January 2023, Noor Jahan the elephant has rested in the pond and all his organs are functioning well.

He said this on the occasion of his visit to Karachi Zoo on Friday. The director of the zoo, a medical team of FOUR PAWS, and other officers were also present on the occasion.

Administrator Karachi said that the FOUR PAWS team from abroad is in constant contact through video link and their instructions are followed in relation to treatment. Elephant, Noor Jahan, has been given 20 drips since yesterday to remove her weakness.

The medical team told Administrator Karachi that Noor Jahan is eating her food well and there is nothing alarming in this regard. The medical team of KMC and FOUR PAWS is examining the elephant regularly and the prescribed medicines are being administered regularly.

Administrator Karachi expressed the hope that very soon the elephant Noor Jahan will fully recover and after recovery, steps will be taken to transfer the elephant to the Safari Park.

Meanwhile, KMC spokesman Ali Hassan Sajid has said that those who are spreading rumors about Noor Jahan’s health are wrong and negative propaganda is being done on social media in this regard.

The spokesman has requested the citizens not to post on social media anything based on misconceptions about the health of Noor Jahan so as not to spread disappointment among animal lovers, he said that the KMC is aware of its responsibilities and electronic and print media are being regularly informed about Noor Jahan’s health.

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