foodpanda Completes Its ‘Double Tips, Double Love’ Campaign for Delivery Riders Across Pakistan

Embodying the true spirit of Ramadan and Eid, foodpanda has completed its ‘double tips, double love’ campaign to show appreciation for delivery partners who are consistently working hard to deliver food and groceries across the country.

During the campaign period, foodpanda matched every rupee delivery partners received in tips from customers on the app, so they would earn twice the amount of tips.

As with all tips that customers give to delivery partners through the app, 100 percent of the tips earned were fully credited to delivery riders’ accounts.

Launched first in the Philippines, the campaign boosted livelihoods across six different foodpanda markets, including Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Cambodia. More than 124,000 foodpanda delivery partners across Asia benefited from it.

CEO foodpanda, Muntaqa Peracha commented on the occasion, “Our delivery partners are the backbone of our business, and we prioritise their welfare at all times. At foodpanda, we are proud to show our appreciation for our delivery partners through various initiatives.”

“The ‘double tips, double love’ campaign is one such program that has allowed our delivery partners to earn double the amount of tips from customers, which motivates and supports them, especially in such trying times for the economy. We thank them sincerely for their hard work and dedication, wishing them even greater success in the future.”

Prioritizing a Positive Environment for Delivery Partners

The increasing popularity of delivery services in recent years has led to more individuals participating in the platform economy, giving rise to a new way of working.

Platform work offers individuals the flexibility to choose when, where, and how long they prefer to work – an arrangement that was not available with traditional models of employment.

The autonomy to manage one’s schedule while earning a living makes platform work an appealing option for people who have varying needs and responsibilities.

foodpanda has always prioritized the well-being of its delivery partners through various initiatives. These include offering insurance so that riders can work with peace of mind, investing in riders’ upskilling and personal development, and more.

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