SNGPL Increases Gas Tariffs by 148.8% Amid Shortage: Report

According to Samaa, the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) has allegedly increased gas tariffs by a massive 148.8 percent, amidst a crippling shortage of the commodity.

It was reported that the new tariff will be implemented on bills from January 2023, and March bills will reflect the increased charges levied by the SNGPL. Reportedly, consumers using up to 0.6 cubic hectometers (hm3) will see their tariff rise from Rs. 201 to Rs. 500 per MMBTU.

Reports suggest that for those consuming more than four hm3, the tariff has increased by 112 percent, from Rs. 1,460 to Rs. 3,100 per MMBTU. The tariff for white-collar consumers using up to two hm3 of gas was increased by 45 percent.

An SNGPL spokesperson has later given a statement, clarifying that the government has created two distinct consumer categories: Protected and non-protected. The tariff for the Protected group has been reduced as they rely heavily on natural gas for cooking. On the other hand, the non-protected group includes consumers who not only use natural gas for cooking but also for space heating. Consequently, the tariff for this group has been increased.

Via Samaa 

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