Women Cricketers Break Barriers With Ramadan Night Cricket in Karachi [Video]

Pakistan’s booming fever of night cricket in Ramadan was not limited to just boys in Karachi as cricket-loving women also made their mark at the Kokan cricket ground this year.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including a lack of facilities, these women showcased their skills, proving that they can excel in sports when given equal opportunities.

Speaking in an interview, local cricketer, Shabnam Hayat said that women in Pakistan have immense talent but a lack of facilities has halted their progress in the sport of cricket.

Shabnam Hayat further added that although she received huge support from her family to play cricket outside, she faced criticism and ridicule from males for playing cricket.

The talented cricketer stated that if the government provides the basic facilities and opportunities that male cricketers have, the country will see a sports boost in a short time.

Hadeel Obaid, the CEO of Khelo Kricket, who has been organizing this tournament since 2015, also shed light on her initiative and how it can promote the sport in the country.

Hadeel Obaid said that women’s Ramadan cricket is facing many cultural barriers as people in Pakistan are not used to seeing women playing cricket in the streets at night.

Hadeel went on to say that they faced criticism when they started this initiative from religious circles as they thought that it was not good for women to play cricket in the streets.

Check out the video here:

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