Australia to Require Driving Tests for Pakistani Visa Holders

Drivers from India, Pakistan, China, and Nepal will face harsher regulations in Australia beginning 1 July, as the New South Wales (NSW) government requires them to undergo driving license tests. 

As reported by local media, temporary visa holders from these countries who have resided continuously in the NSW region for at least six months will have to sit for the same knowledge and practical driving tests as locals. 

The Transport for NSW representative clarified that these visa holders are required to convert to an NSW license if they wish to continue driving. This is intended to close a gap in the transportation system that enabled some drivers to keep their licenses despite collecting 13 demerit points or being convicted of a serious traffic offense. 

Under the new law, offenders must apply for an NSW driver’s license in order to drive again in NSW. Drivers from Japan, Singapore, and Germany will be required to change their licenses but they will not need to take the exam. 

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