Here’s How Waziristani Car Enthusiasts Celebrate Eid

The car culture in the northern and tribal areas of Pakistan is fascinating due to the abundance of non-custom paid (NCP) cars. Along with a curious variety of cars, the unique culture and traditions among enthusiasts are also a sight to behold.

A recent viral social media video shows the unique Eid celebration of the North Waziristan-based car enthusiasts. At first, the event looks like a car meet or festival. However, in its Facebook reel, Horsepower Pakistan stated that the event is actually an Eid special that takes place annually.

Video Courtesy: Horsepower Pakistan

According to the story, car enthusiasts gather at an old decommissioned airstrip in North Waziristan every year. At this event, people showcase their NCP cars, conduct business, and perform a bit of car acrobatics for the spectators.

The event is a major attraction for the locals as well as tourists. Since it mostly features NCP cars, it is not celebrated at a scale that warrants unwanted attention for law enforcers.

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