Iceland Cricket Take a Dig at Stuart Broad for Calling Last Ashes ‘Not Real’

Iceland Cricket humorously declared all Test matches since 1877 as ‘null and void’, scoffing at English cricketer Stuart Broad for refusing to accept the last Ashes as ‘real Ashes’.

Talking about the last Ashes series, which England lost to Australia by 4-0, the English pacer attracted jokes and sneers. Sharing his feelings about the tough series, Stuart Broad said that he did not consider it a real series due to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on training facilities, travel, and socialization.

While the pandemic actually created some hurdles for the players, Stuart Broad’s comments have been perceived as defeatism and denial by many.

In response to Stuart Broad’s comments, Iceland Cricket posted a tongue-in-cheek tweet stating that all Test results since 1877 should be considered null and void because they were not allowed to compete. The comment was a clear dig at Broad’s refusal to accept a series as legitimate simply because it did not meet his personal standards.

While the last Ashes series was indeed played under difficult circumstances due to the pandemic, it was still a valid cricket series that was recognized by cricket boards and fans worldwide, irrespective of the emotional aspects.

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