Lahore to Plant 600,000 Geo-Tagged Saplings to Combat Smog

To combat growing air pollution in Lahore, a strategy has been implemented to plant 600,000 six-foot saplings in vacant areas. A joint committee comprised of the Forest Department and the Lahore District Administration was formed to guarantee successful implementation. The Lahore Commissioner has now demanded a list of unused planting sites.

Furthermore, relevant districts and Parks and Horticulture Authorities (PHAs) have been tasked with planting trees on routes linking Lahore to other districts. Each sapling will be geotagged and uploaded to a dashboard to track the success of the planting campaign.

Overall, the goal of this initiative is to plant 600,000 trees in Lahore to battle pollution and build a cleaner atmosphere. 

This decision is a vital step towards reducing the detrimental effects of air pollution on the health and well-being of citizens, while also promoting the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability for future generations.


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