Road to Earth’s Core? Open Well in the Middle of a Road Goes Viral

A recent social media video of a rural road in Karachi with an open well midway has left the netizens dumbfounded. A Twitter user has shared its video.

Stretching between Jam Kando and Pir Sarhandi Goth in Bin Qasim Town, District Malir, Karachi, the road links the two areas of Sindh’s capital city.

Social media users urged the government to post warning signs to alert unsuspecting drivers of an open well on the road. A local resident sarcastically commended the engineers who built the road with a well in the middle.

The video shows small rocks placed by the locals to warn drivers about the well on the road. Netizens highlighted that night-time travelers are likely to miss the rocks, resulting in catastrophe.

The Karachi District Council, which is responsible for the development activity in the city’s rural outskirt’s responded to the viral video. According to a report, a department spokesperson clarified that the road was built by private real estate developers, not the council or province.

The spokesman added that a local developer built the road for his housing project. He advised social media users against defaming the council or Sindh government over this road.

Concerned social media users rebutted that civic and government agencies shouldn’t allow private real estate developers to build such roads. They urged the government to immediately secure the artery and hold accountable the officials whose negligence led to its construction.

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