An Intriguing Look at How the ‘Superclass’ Rules Pakistan

Agha Iqrar Haroon, an international award-winning journalist from Pakistan, has written an eBook called “How Does Superclass Rule the Nations? A Case Study from Pakistan,” which discusses sensitive issues related to how the elite class has been running the country like a corporate entity since its inception. Despite political and social divides, this topic is being discussed by almost everyone in Pakistan nowadays.

In the book, Iqrar uses historical references, social perspectives, and philosophical approaches to explain how the superclass manipulates events, creates new heroes, humiliates real heroes, and imposes state narratives in a way that people accept without resistance. He recommends his book to journalists, students of journalism, mass communication, political science, anthropology, and Pakistan studies.

According to Iqrar, the political history of Pakistan over the past 75 years has been nothing noteworthy or new, just different scenes performed by the same old characters appearing on stage with new personas. He claims that the superclass runs not only Pakistan but also our governments, largest corporations, powerhouses of international finance, and media.

He cites American scholar and writer David Rothkopf’s book “Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making” and says that Pakistan’s superclass is no different from the global superclass described by Rothkopf. The only difference, he adds, is that the Pakistani superclass has a larger continuum due to intermixed marriages.

Iqrar mentions that in 2022, a political hurricane hit Pakistan, and uncommon happenings started taking place at a fast pace. The military uniform’s charisma, state-sponsored anchors and writers’ spellbinding, covert operations by intelligence agencies, overt positions by state-sponsored judicial officers, and tools used by the superclass for fixing the situation were exposed layer by layer, and facts surfaced like the sprouting of grapevine branches under a blooming spring.

The eBook is 200 pages long and is available in international online libraries.

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