British Army Declares Pakistan Army as ‘One of the Best in the World’

At a lunch hosted by the Pakistan High Commission in London to honor the Quetta Association’s ex-servicemen, British army officers forthrightly acknowledged that Pakistan’s army is one of the best in the world. 

The Quetta Association is an association of British and Pakistani Army veterans who operated in Quetta, and the event was organized to honor their service and sacrifice while also strengthening ties between Pakistan and the United Kingdom (UK).

During the ceremony, High Commissioner, Moazzam Ahmad Khan, stressed the significance of Pakistan-UK relations and the role of defense diplomacy in enhancing these relationships. 

He thanked the Quetta Association members and British officers for their distinguished service and contributions to Pakistan-UK ties and praised them for maintaining peace and stability in their own countries.

Major General Seumas Kerr CBE, Chairman of the Quetta Association, expressed gratitude towards the Pakistan High Commission for its hospitality and discussed the Quetta Association’s long-standing affinity with Pakistan. He expressed his desire for ongoing cooperation and partnership between the two nations.

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