ECB Might Convert The Hundred Competition Into T20 League

The future of the Hundred cricket tournament has been thrown into doubt as discussions have begun about transforming the competition into a T20 event due to concerns from the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) about its limited popularity and expansion.

ECB is reportedly considering converting the men’s Hundred competition into a T20 tournament. The conversations are at an early stage, but there is concern that 100-ball cricket is only played in the UK, while T20 continues to expand globally. The ECB is in discussions with first-class counties about the possible domestic setups.

There are no changes expected until 2025, but the ECB is reportedly open to the idea of expanding the competition to include the national Counties, providing promising cricketers with a pathway into the professional game. The women’s Hundred format would be unaffected by any potential changes as it has proved to be highly successful.

The broadcasting partner, Sky Sports, extended their deal with the ECB for 220 million pounds annually until 2028, with the expectation that the Hundred would continue. However, the idea of offloading the Hundred to private investors has been suggested in the past, following the profitable sale of the IPL franchise. Despite this, the failure of other nations to take up 100-ball cricket has led to a conviction among English administrators that the competition should not be sold.

Earlier this month, a report claimed that the Hundred had lost 9 million pounds in two years while the ECB stated that it made a profit of 11.8 million pounds.

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