Pakistani Athlete Sets Asian Record at Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championship

Pakistan’s renowned rower, Muhammad Shahzad set an Asian record in the master category in the recently concluded Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships. Shahzad had a phenomenal performance at the event, winning three gold medals in the master category.

Shahzad’s first gold medal came in the 500-meter race, where he completed the race in just one minute and 32 seconds, setting a new Asian record. The athlete’s next gold medal came in the 2000m race, where he completed the distance in an impressive seven minutes and 12 seconds.

However, Shahzad’s most remarkable performance came in his third race, where he set a world record of 90% and secured his third gold medal in the category. In the context of indoor rowing, the world record of 90% means that Shahzad achieved 90% of the maximum possible distance covered by a person in his age and weight category within a given time frame.

The athlete’s impressive performance in the championship not only showcased his physical strength and stamina but also his dedication and hard work toward the sport.

The Hong Kong Indoor Rowing Championships witnessed participation from several skilled athletes across the globe. The event provided a platform for the athletes to showcase their talents and compete with the best in the world.

It is pertinent to mention, Muhammad Shahzad is the father of Pakistan’s badminton player Mahoor Shahzad and weightlifter Rabia Shahzad.

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