Google Launches App Growth Lab in Pakistan for Local Developers

After introducing the Gaming Growth Lab in Pakistan last year, Google has inaugurated the first-ever App Growth Lab in the country.

This four-month program is specifically designed to recognize promising app developers, studios, and companies that aim to expedite and expand their businesses. The launch demonstrates Google’s dedication to fostering the growth of Pakistan’s app industry.

The program is divided into comprehensive education and support phases, enabling app developers to receive guidance from Google professionals in various fields, including Ads, AdMob, Firebase, gTech, and Play, as well as industry leaders.

Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, Farhan S. Qureshi said that he is proud to launch App Growth Lab in Pakistan. He stated that the initiative aims to assist emerging local developers in broadening their offerings to a global audience.

The App Growth Lab is centered around a few fundamental principles: exploring the global app and gaming prospects to establish a well-rounded company strategy, and incorporating a user-centered approach to app and game product development by utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure long-term success.

It also focuses on discovering methods to launch an app successfully, establishing monetization models, maximizing Google’s data tools for measurable expansion, and gaining knowledge of expanding an app’s reach through market and platform diversification tactics.

The program will begin in June and continue for four months. Interested companies, app developers, and studios can submit applications until May 22, 2023, via this page.

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