Sindh Government Accused of Supplying Rotten Grain to Flour Mills

The Sindh government reportedly provided substandard wheat to flour mill owners and operators in Karachi. More than 200,000 sacks of wheat, which had apparently rotted in government storage in Malir and was judged unfit for human use, were forcefully distributed.

Reports suggest that these mill owners and operators are now supplying the market with flour prepared from rotten wheat given by the Sindh government. Reports further reveal the wheat that was ‘forced’ upon them is not even acceptable for animal feed. 

It was further claimed that the Sindh Food Department supplied the outdated wheat bags in the government’s storage in order to cover their corruption and inefficiency.

In related news, Sindh’s flour mill owners have expressed concern over the provincial government’s alleged refusal to deliver them with wheat despite receiving Rs. 3 billion in payment. The delay in wheat supplies has caused locals to worry, fearing flour scarcity. 

To resolve the situation, the Chairman of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) Sindh Chaudhry Amir Abdullah has convened an emergency meeting of flour mill owners. 

During the meeting, the owners expressed their disappointment that the Sindh Food Department had failed to deliver the promised 0.5 million sacks of wheat, despite having received payments from the mills.

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