Bentley’s Electric Cars Will Have Full Self-Driving Capabilities

Bentley, the British luxury car company, will soon launch its first 100% electric car. CEO Adrian Hallmark told AutoCar that the upcoming electric vehicle (EV) will include cutting-edge self-driving technology.

Mobileye’s 11-camera SuperVision technology will power the electric Bentley. Porsche’s Macan EV will also use this system. This will initially allow Bentley EVs to drive semi-autonomously on highways. The company hopes to use over the air (OTA) software upgrades to achieve fully autonomous driving in the future.

Bentley’s electric sports coupe is expected to be unveiled in 2025. Hallmark earlier reported that the EV would have 1,400 horsepower and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.5 seconds. For those who found this speed overwhelming, Hallmark has promised a “slower” version.

Bentley aims to launch a new EV model every year from 2025 through 2030. The corporation is investing $3 billion to modernize its manufacturing. Bentley and other high-end automakers are embracing electric mobility, which will revolutionize R&D for other such companies.

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