CDA to Launch Over a Dozen New Road Projects

The Capital Development Authorities (CDA) has issued a new list of projects that will be built in Islamabad soon. According to a tweet from CDA Chairman Noor-ul-Amin Mengal, the government has invited proposals for said projects.

The list mostly consists of road rehabilitation, widening, or street pavement projects. The list is as follows:

Serial NumberProjects
1.Improvement/Up-Gradation of Road From Talhar to Kingrian Village, U.C.Saidpur, Islamabad.
2.Rehabilitation of Pind Parian Road from Benazir Chowk to Pind Parian.
3.Rehabilitation of Internal Roads of U.C Jhangi Syedan.
4.Rehabilitation of Sarai Kharbooza Road From Niazi Chowk to Qilla i/c Internal Roads in U.C Sarai Kharbooza.
5.Construction of RCC Nullah at Khayam Town.
6.Construction of Retaining wall along with Nullah AT Golra Sharif.
7.Street Pavements in villages of U.C Thalla Syedan, Jhangi Syedan, Bhadana Kalan & Sheikhpur.
8.Street Pavement in Villages of U.C Shah Allah Ditta, Dhrek Mohri & Mera Jaffar.
9.Development of sanitation and street pavements in UC Said Pur (UC-I), UC Noor Pur Shahan (UC-4 & UC-5).
10.Development of sanitation and street pavements in UC Malpur (UC-6), UC Kot Hathial North (UC-7, UC-8 & UC- 9).
11.Development of sanitation and street pavements in UC Kot Hathial South (UC-10, UC-11 & UC-12), UC Mohra Noor UC-13).
12.Development of sanitation and street pavements in UC Phulgran (UC-14, UC-15), and UC Pind Begwal UC-16).
13.Development of sanitation and street pavements in Pind Bhagwal, Kuri, Tumair, Herno Thanda Pani, Chirah, and Kirpa.
14.Development of sanitation and street pavements in Bhimber Trar, Mughal, Rawat, Hummak, Sihala, Mohra, Nagyal, and Lohibiher.
15.Development of sanitation and street pavements in Gagri, Kural, Gangal, Kanna Dak-l, Tarlai Khurd, and Gohra Sardar.
16.Development of sanitation and street pavements in Tarlai Kalan, Khadarapar, Alipur, Panjgran, Farash, Mohrian Tamma & Chatha Bakhtawar.
17.Development of sanitation and street pavements in Lakhwal, Khana Dak-2, Khanna Kak, Khanna Dak-3, Shakerial Sharki, Sakhana.
18.Widening of Kuri Road

CDA also plans to plant 50,000 trees along the Bhara Kahu bypass. The agency’s environment wing is selecting plant specimens for the location. Although, some plant experts have pointed out that the trees will only help the environment if local birds can nest in the trees.

CDA has been engaged in reforestation after clearing up greenery due to several major projects. However, that approach has also garnered criticism with environmentalists stating that these projects are turning the ‘once green’ Islamabad into a concrete jungle.

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