Confiz’s Laptop Donation to Government College for Women Data Nagar Lays Foundation for Computer Literacy

Confiz, a global technology services and solutions company, is committed to identifying and scaling up interventions for maximum societal impact.
Recently, Confiz took a significant step forward in its mission to support education by donating ten laptops that facilitated the creation of the first computer lab at Government College for Women Data Nagar, Lahore.
Access to laptops on-premises will offer students hands-on experience to foster computer literacy. This initiative not only equips students with the tools to navigate the digital landscape but will also open doors to academic and professional growth opportunities.

Confiz’s CSR committee attended the computer lab inauguration ceremony, including Mahnoor Imtiaz, Mahnoor Ejaz, Sania Ashraf, and Fasiha Zaheer. Sania Ashraf, an Associate Software Architect at Confiz, strongly advocated for the college’s need for a computer lab.
Recognizing the vital role of technology in today’s world, Confiz assessed the situation and provided the necessary support to fulfill the college’s requirements by donating laptops.

During the inauguration ceremony, Confiz employees had the opportunity to interact with the students and share their professional experiences. They provided motivation and guidance and emphasized the significance of technology in the professional world while inspiring the students to pursue their dreams.

Dr. Naila Anjum, Principal at Government College for Women Data Nagar, deeply appreciated Confiz’s support. She said: “The donation of these laptops provides a solid foundation for imparting computer skills to our students. In addition to educational purposes, we plan to use these laptops to teach short courses to our students and women in the community.”

Confiz is committed to supporting education and empowering communities. This laptop donation is just one example of how Confiz is making a positive impact in the world. We hope that this initiative will inspire other companies in the tech industry to support similar initiatives in their own communities.

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