Minister Calls Out CDA Chairman Over Margalla Hills Road Tweet

Earlier, Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Noor-ul-Amin Mengal asked Twitter about constructing separate entrance and exit ways for Margalla Hills. While some were in its favor, most criticized the idea, saying that it will destroy the national park.

Federal Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman was also among those who critiqued Mengal’s Tweet. She argued that CDA cannot build a road across a green area, adding that it violates wildlife regulations and international agreements.

Most others criticized the proposal as a hazard to the environment and a violation of High Court and Supreme Court directives.

According to the official tweet, the chairman hinted at planning a road from Pir Sohawa to Bari Imam, making it a “three-road avenue to make it a loop to facilitate traffic movement.”

One of the citizens responded to Mengal’s Tweet by saying:

Let a National Park remain as it is for the next generations. Let the wildlife have its habitat. In any case, what difference would it make to Pakistan’s development if some people have to spend more travel time sometime?

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