HEC Bans Universities From Recognizing New Colleges and Institutions

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced a complete ban on granting new affiliations to colleges and institutions by universities, including affiliations in programs, aiming to ensure the quality of education.

The decision comes as part of HEC’s ongoing review of the Affiliation Policy/Criteria aimed at enhancing the standards of higher education in the country and curbing the practice, noted with concern, of certain public sector universities granting affiliations to colleges and institutions lacking adequate infrastructure, faculty, and auxiliary facilities despite clear directions issued by HEC.

In view of the foregoing, all public sector HEIs having the authority to grant affiliations are hereby instructed to immediately cease granting new affiliations to any college or institution as well as programs, until the revised criteria are issued.

However, the extension of affiliation for already affiliated programs and colleges/institutions is permissible, provided that an HEC nominee is part of the Affiliation Committee for renewal.

Furthermore, public sector HEIs are required to promptly withdraw any advertisements related to granting affiliations that have been published in print and social media.

Failure to comply with these directions will result in the non-recognition and non-attestation of degrees issued by the non-compliant HEIs, and HEC will be compelled to initiate appropriate actions in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

The move follows HEC’s authority under Ordinance No. LIII of 2002 (Amendment Act No. XXI of 2021 and Second Amendment Act No. XXII of 2022), Section 10-1(a), to establish policies, guiding principles, and priorities for HEIs to promote the socio-economic development of Pakistan. Section 10-1(d) empowers HEC to prescribe conditions for the opening and operation of institutions, including those not part of the state educational system.

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