Punjab Finally Makes Helmets Mandatory for Bikers

Compared to Islamabad, other regions across Pakistan have lax rules about motorcycle helmets. As a consequence, the probability of critical injuries or deaths for bikers becomes greater.

Realizing the danger, the Punjab government has finally issued a notification, making helmets mandatory across the province. The authorities have warned of strict action against bikers who do not comply.

According to the notification, all city traffic police (CTP) departments in Punjab will now keep a record book, which will list the bikers subjected to legal action on a daily basis.

To ensure effective enforcement, CTP requires the submission of the record book at 09:00 AM every day. This provision creates a clear timeline for record-keeping, enabling efficient monitoring.

With field officers bound by this requirement, it is expected that the authorities will adopt an extra-aggressive approach to enforce the rule. Given the increased emphasis on enforcing the helmet rule, it is important for bikers to remain vigilant in the days to come.

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