SBP Issues New Rs. 75 Banknote on 75th Anniversary

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has introduced a special commemorative banknote valued at Rs. 75.

In a ceremony held today, Governor SBP Jameel Ahmed announced that this day holds immense significance, prompting the issuance of a unique Rs. 75 note that will be a one-time release.

The newly unveiled banknote proudly displays the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam on the front, symbolizing his influential role in the nation’s history. On the reverse side, the image of Fatima Jinnah graces the note.

Notably, the Rs. 75 banknote also incorporates a representation of windmills, drawing attention to the importance of alternative energy sources.

Furthermore, the banknote showcases the architectural grandeur of the SBP building through elegant calligraphy.

This distinctive initiative by the SBP not only commemorates the bank’s 75th anniversary but also pays tribute to the leaders and values that have shaped Pakistan’s history.

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