Punjab Gets Modern E-Challan and Vehicle Tracking Systems

Punjab’s Caretaker Chief Minister has launched an innovative tracking system and e-challan software for the Punjab Highway Patrolling Police. It aims to reduce vehicle theft and false number plates.

According to the department, the new tracking technology will help find stolen cars and cars with fake number plates. With real-time data integration, police can effectively monitor and track such cars.

Additionally, the e-challan app has been integrated with the digital tracking system. This app will streamline traffic law enforcement by improving police-motorist contact. Violators will receive rapid e-challans, eliminating paper tickets and administrative expenses.

The Caretaker Chief Minister said the tracking mechanism and e-challan app will help police maintain vehicular discipline. He praised the Punjab Highway Patrolling Police’s pioneering initiatives.

The provincial government expressed hope that this comprehensive system would inspire other regions facing similar issues. As per the department, the system will help ensure better safety, higher vehicle recovery rates, and better traffic management in the province.

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