Wannabe Khadim-e-Ala Wahab Riaz Splashes Rainwater All Over Motorcyclists While Rushing His SUV

In an unprecedented turn of events, torrential monsoon rain has broken three-decade-old records, leaving Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab, inundated with rainwater.

The massive urban flooding triggered a number of problems for daily commuters, especially motorcyclists, who are struggling to navigate the waterlogged roads. With the city’s major areas submerged, residents are dealing with the aftermath of the downpour.

Amidst the chaos, a surprising figure has also emerged, the Adviser to Chief Minister Punjab on Sports, Wahab Riaz. Despite his portfolio not involving infrastructure or urban planning, Wahab was spotted inspecting the submerged roads, using the dire situation to further his social media gimmicks.

This move has raised eyebrows and fueled criticism, as it falls outside the purview of his designated responsibilities.

A video capturing Wahab’s inspection of Lahore’s submerged roads has gone viral on social media platforms, further igniting public scrutiny.

The footage reveals Wahab wearing long white boots as he surveys the waterlogged streets. Netizens, upon viewing the video, expressed frustration with the Sports Adviser’s seemingly “frequent” involvement in administrative affairs rather than focusing on his primary domain, sports.

However, the controversy surrounding Wahab does not end there. Another video has surfaced, attracting widespread criticism of the provincial Sports Adviser.

In the video, Wahab can be seen recklessly driving his SUV through the rainwater, causing massive splashes that drench motorcyclists already grappling with the adverse weather conditions.

This act has further fueled public discontent and raised questions about Wahab’s priorities in times of crisis.

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