Doctor Accused of Leaving Towel Inside Patient in Lodhran

A doctor practicing in the Dunyapur tehsil of Lodhran district is under scrutiny for alleged severe medical negligence. The case involves a young girl who was admitted to the hospital for an appendix operation, but disturbingly the doctor inadvertently left a towel inside her abdomen during the surgical procedure.

The girl’s father took immediate action by filing a formal complaint with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). 

Concerned for his daughter’s well-being, he sought additional medical assistance in Islamabad. The doctors in the capital city performed an operation and made a shocking discovery – a towel was found inside the girl’s abdomen, corroborating the allegations made against the doctor in Dunyapur.

The girl’s father is now urging PMDC to take stringent measures against the accused doctor and cancel his medical license. 

He strongly emphasizes the significance of holding medical professionals accountable to prevent the recurrence of such alarming incidents. Consequently, the authorities are expected to investigate the matter.

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