Expect Traffic Jams Tomorrow Due to Protests Against Desecration of Quran

Nationwide protests across Pakistan are expected to take place after the Jummah prayers on July 7, 2023. The protests are to be staged against the burning of the Quran in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dubbed ‘Yaum-e-Taqaddus’ it is intended to “uphold the sanctity of the Quran”. The exact locations of the protests are unknown.

However, the protestors are expected to gather at and occupy the most crowded areas of all major cities. The time for the conclusion of the protest is also unknown at this point.

The protests will likely result in significant disruption to daily commutes. Social media observers have warned citizens to prepare for arduous journeys and move ahead of time to avoid traffic jams.

The influx of protestors and curious masses converging will inevitably place tremendous strain on existing traffic networks.

The congestion could reverberate throughout the city, especially during peak hours, affecting not only the immediate vicinity of the protests but also adjacent routes.

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