Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 Launch Date Unveiled

In an exciting announcement, at least for its Chinese audience, Xiaomi President Lu Weibing confirmed that the highly anticipated Mix Fold 3 will be released in August.

He shared this news in response to a question on Weibo, within the comments section of his post regarding Xiaomi’s latest factory upgrade.

Xiaomi’s newly unveiled Smart Factory has been officially inaugurated, and its initial production will focus on the forthcoming Mix Fold 3. Significant advancements are coming through the manufacturing system to achieve a device that is both slimmer and more robust than its predecessors. Notably, the Mix Fold 3 will feature cameras with the renowned Leica branding, delivering exceptional photographic capabilities as expected.

Following the pattern established with the Mix Fold 2’s launch in August of the previous year, it appears that this month has become somewhat of a tradition for the introduction of new Xiaomi foldable devices. The Mix Fold 2 boasted a folded thickness of 11.2mm, a dimension that was already considered remarkable, particularly in comparison to Samsung’s offerings.

However, Xiaomi has managed to achieve an even thinner profile with the upcoming Mix Fold 3.

Unfortunately, a recent rumor suggests that the Mix Fold 3 will likely be limited to a release within China, mirroring the approach taken with its predecessor. While this news may be disappointing, it has become a trend for Chinese companies to refrain from expanding the availability of their foldable devices beyond their domestic market in recent years.

This situation primarily benefits Samsung, while consumers are left wanting.

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