Apple’s “Cheaper” Vision Pro Will Not Be Cheap At All

Apple is said to be making a cheaper version of the $3,500 Vision Pro mixed reality headset, but as it turns out, the new model may not exactly be cheap at all, reports Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

In his ‘Power On’ newsletter, Gurman suggests that the more affordable successor to the Apple Vision Pro is “likely” to forego the inclusion of an external display in order to achieve a price point discussed internally, falling within the range of $1,500 to $2,500.

Gurman also reaffirms his earlier statements from June, proposing that the budget-friendly version will likely be powered by an iPhone-grade chip, feature fewer cameras and incorporate lower-resolution screens.

By omitting the external display, Apple would effectively reserve one of the Vision Pro’s standout features, EyeSight, exclusively for the pricier models. EyeSight is the technology responsible for providing real-time eye renderings, enabling the wearer to make eye contact during interactions and letting people around you know that you can see them while you speak to them.

Gurman explains that Apple’s decision to prioritize the release of a more budget-friendly version led the company to allocate resources away from its technically intricate AR glasses project.

While the potential price range discussed by Apple isn’t exactly “cheap,” the prospect of a $1,500 price tag is likely to be more appealing. However, the extent to which a $2,500 price point is considered a substantial discount would likely hinge on whether the inclusion of an iPhone chip and other hardware modifications can still deliver a high-quality software experience. We will have to wait and see.

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