Babusar Top Closed Sooner Than Expected Due to Heavy Snowfall

Following heavy snowfall, the Babusar Pass has been closed sooner than expected, officials told a local media outlet. However, Deputy Com­m­is­sioner Diamer Arif Ahmed stated that the closure might be temporary.

He added that the route would be reopened if the weather improves and snow clears. It is pertinent to note that normally, the pass remains closed for eight months, starting from November to June.

The intense snowfall has forced the local administration to restrict entry on the road ahead of the ordinary schedule. The Karakoram Highway can be used as an alternate route during this period.

“It depends on the weather. The pass is usually closed in November after heavy snowfall and when it is freezing,” the Deputy Commissioner said.

The journey from Diamer to Mansehra takes 14 hours through the Karakoram Highway compared to 7 hours through Babusar Pass.

Recently, several tourists were stranded following heavy snowfall and were later shifted to Chilas City by the local administration. It becomes impossible for the police officials to perform their duties at night due to the -15 temperature.

The lack of security and slippery roads also contribute to the months-long closure of the road. Recently, a tourist from Punjab lost his life during a robbery attempt at Babusar top.

According to details, the robbers had blocked the road with heavy stones to halt the vehicles. When the driver spotted danger, he decided to reverse the car. The victim, identified as Mohammad Rashid, died when the culprits shot the car.

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