iPhone 15 Pro Max Has a Serious Display Issue

The release of the iPhone 15 has been full of hitches for Apple, and it appears that there might be yet another issue to address, this time concerning image retention or ‘burn-in,’ resulting in ghostly images on the screen.

Image retention or ‘burn-in’ has historically been a concern with OLED panels, occurring when screen contents remain static for prolonged periods, essentially leaving a permanent imprint of the screen. Nonetheless, contemporary OLED screens and devices have managed to mitigate the risk of such issues, making it a less prominent problem in recent years.

But it appears that’s not the case with the new iPhone 15 Pro Max. While the issue is not exactly common, some users have reported seeing burn-in issues with their latest Apple phone. Similar reports have also been seen from Phandroid and others.

Reports of image retention have surfaced on platforms such as Reddit, X (previously known as Twitter), and Apple’s official community discussion forums. Presently, it appears that the issue primarily afflicts the iPhone 15 Pro Max, though the extent of this problem’s prevalence remains somewhat uncertain.

Images shared online suggest that the ‘burn-in’ problem can potentially occur with any type of screen. For instance, there have been instances of ghostly keyboards and persisting home screen icons observed on the displays.

The good news is that Apple is replacing all affected iPhones so the best course of action right now is to return your device and get a replacement, though that wouldn’t be possible for Pakistani iPhone owners.

However, Apple has yet to acknowledge this issue publicly. It is quite possible that the issue is only affecting a small number of units around the globe, which is usually the case with such problems.

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