Islamabad Police Once Again Installs Speed Breaker on Expressway

In a baffling decision that has left people scratching their heads, Islamabad’s district administration has installed a speed breaker on the expressway.

Just like last time, the speed breaker was installed right before the Faizabad check-post. According to reports, it caused a massive traffic jam on Monday morning when people were on their way to work.

People of the twin cities took to social media to express frustration at the district administration. Following public criticism, the authority has decided to remove the speed breaker.

Officials were spotted dismantling the speed bump a little while ago. However, it is just another example of how taxpayer money is wasted due to the authorities’ thoughtless decisions.

It should be noted that the speed breaker was created at the same place earlier this year as well. Despite knowing about the traffic jams it would lead to, the Islamabad administration made the same mistake again.

Police Staff Shortage

Recently, Islamabad Traffic Police introduced various strict measures to stop traffic violations. However, it can’t implement these decisions due to the shortage of police officers.

An official told a local newspaper that youngsters continue to take advantage of the insufficient workforce in Islamabad traffic police. They are often seen performing stunts on major highways of the capital, including Expressway and 7th Avenue.

Furthermore, one-way violations have increased massively due to the closure of numerous U-turns in the capital.

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