KuCoin Launches Pre-Market Trading, First in the Industry OTC Product

KuCoin, one of the top 5 crypto exchanges in the world, is proud to announce the launch of Pre-Market Trading, the first in the industry over-the-counter (OTC) trading product among CEXes that allows users to trade new tokens before they are officially listed.

This groundbreaking feature is set to redefine the crypto trading landscape by providing an early access advantage to both retail investors and professional users/institutions.

Pre-Market Trading is a spot trading product that provides users with a more accessible and transparent way of participating in the primary market. Users can secure shares before listing or locking in selling prices in advance with Pre-Market Trading.

KuCoin is the first CEX in the industry to implement advanced opening trading of new tokens that have not been listed on KuCoin. It allows users to enjoy a simpler settlement process and peer-to-peer transaction experience without platform intervention.

Celestia is the first featuring project of Pre-Market Trading. Celestia is expecting to initiate its Genesis Drop along with its native asset TIA and users will have early access to TIA through Pre-Market Trading before its listing with the advantage of assuring selling prices in advance.

For more details about Pre-Market Trading, please visit product page for more details.

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