BeyondGreen Solar Solutions: Lighting Up Pakistan with Sustainable Energy

In the heart of Pakistan’s bustling metropolis, Karachi, a solar revolution is taking place. BeyondGreen Solar Solutions, a beacon of sustainable energy, is leading this charge. But how did this journey begin, and where has it led the company today?

The Genesis of BeyondGreen

BeyondGreen Solar Solutions embarked on its mission in 2015 when it expanded its operations to Pakistan. The primary goal was clear: to address Pakistan’s escalating energy demand and bridge its energy crisis with top-tier, Blooming-listed products. The vision was not just to provide energy but to ensure it was sustainable and affordable.

Milestones and Achievements

In a relatively short span, BeyondGreen has made significant strides in the solar energy sector. The company boasts the installation of over 1000 solar systems across Pakistan, translating to more than 20MW of green energy. This impressive feat includes powering some of the country’s renowned industrial and corporate giants.

Their dedication and commitment to quality service haven’t gone unnoticed. BeyondGreen was honored with the 15th Consumer Choice Award as the Best Emerging Solar Provider in Pakistan. Today, they proudly stand as the #1 Solar brand in Karachi.

Major Collaborations

BeyondGreen’s client list reads like a who’s who of the corporate world in Pakistan:

  1. Haji Adam & Sons – 900KW On-Grid system
  2. Towellers – 880KW On-Grid system
  3. Bahria Town – 780KW On-Grid system
  4. Pepsi Co – 599KW On-Grid system
  5. Ahmed Foods – 480KW On-Grid system
  6. Rehmat e shereen – 350KW On-Grid system
  7. Alamgir Welfare Trust – 250KW On-Grid system
  8. Lal QiLa – 50KW On-Grid system
  9. Bonanza Satrangi – 50KW On-Grid system
  10. CEO of Unilever Mr. Amir Paracha – 30KW On-Grid system

Voices from the Field

Clients have consistently lauded BeyondGreen for its exceptional service.

Mr. Amaduddin Zia, CEO of Ahmed Foods, praised the company’s after-sales service, emphasizing its pivotal role in their decision to choose BeyondGreen. He said “Beyondgreen solar has achieved millstone and has quite a footprint in the industry. The after-sale service of the company makes it the best amongst all, and the reason for us choosing this company. It’s been six months since we got the pilot version installed. so far, we are quite satisfied with the after-sale services and active response. we have decided to move towards another project for the company as well as my residential place.”

Similarly, Mr. Sheikh Uzair Ahmed, CEO of KT Industries, highlighted the company’s commitment to output and service despite the competitive market. “I got good references from the market and good services too. The after-sale services are remarkable, which brings me to Beyondgreen Solar. I got the committed output, and it is one of the best service companies in Pakistan despite such a competitive market. I have always been satisfied with Beyondgreen Solar Solutions, and hope to continue my good terms with the company,” he said.

Mr. Parvaiz, COO of Towellers, expressed his trust in BeyondGreen, appreciating their solutions and forward-thinking approach. He added: The way Beyondgreen provided me solutions, the way they presented, I have full trust in the company. Beyond Solar Solutions not only helped me in enhancing solar capacity but also allowed me the versatility of building on top and room for future expansion. Hopefully, the level of service will continue as it is and hopefully, we will make it work together, in the longer term.”

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

  • Fastest Solar Installers: BeyondGreen takes pride in being Pakistan’s swiftest solar installers, ensuring timely deployment of solar solutions.
  • Unwavering After-sales Support: The company offers a complimentary three-year after-sales service package, emphasizing the importance of long-term customer support.
  • Exclusive Partnerships: As official partners and distributors of tier-one solar components, BeyondGreen guarantees top-quality products for its customers.
  • Karachi’s Premier Solar Brand: With the highest number of net meter installations in Karachi, BeyondGreen has solidified its position as the city’s leading solar brand.

BeyondGreen Solar Solutions is not just a company; it’s a movement. A movement towards a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for Pakistan. Through its unwavering commitment, innovative solutions, and customer-centric approach, BeyondGreen is indeed lighting up Pakistan, one solar panel at a time.

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