Here’s Why This Eye Infection “Cure” Was Making People Go Blind

The multinational pharmaceutical company, responsible for the import and manufacturing of Avastin injection, has been given a clean chit by the Punjab government.

In a press conference, Punjab Interim Health Minister Dr. Javed Akram said that the injections got contaminated during transportation. He said that the contamination was “found in the refilled vials or syringes due to mixing of rainwater during transportation through bus cargo services.”

Following the latest confirmation about Avastin, it will continue to be used in the treatment of cancer patients. However, its utilization for eye treatment will remain suspended temporarily.

A six-member committee of ophthalmologists has been tasked with establishing guidelines on this matter. They will decide whether or not, Avastin should be used in eye treatment in the future.

The Minister also shared details about the patients affected by the injection. According to him, a total of 66 individuals experienced adverse effects from this injection. Most of these cases were reported in Southern Punjab.

Dr. Javed Akram revealed that the injections were filled in small syringes and transported to various districts of Punjab via private bus cargo service, ignoring the standard operating procedures (SOPs).

As the luggage compartments of buses are situated beneath the seats, water standing on the roads was spilled into it and contaminated the injections.

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