Crisis Averted As Utility Stores Procures 20,000 Metric Tons of Sugar

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has procured 20,000 metric tons of sugar, just a few days after the state-run outlets reported a shortage of the subsidized stock, sources told ProPakistani.

Sources said the total cost incurred by the corporation for each kilogram of the imported sugar will be approximately Rs. 150 per kg.

This comes after the corporation recently initiated a tender for the purchase of a total of 40,000 metric tons of sugar. During the tender process, USC received numerous bids, ultimately accepting the lowest bid, priced at an impressively competitive rate of Rs. 135.27 per kilogram, as reported by sources familiar with the matter.

Sources added that citizens can expect a timely resumption of sugar availability at Utility Stores, as receipts for the recently acquired sugar are anticipated to be made available in the coming days.

This development addresses an emerging sugar crisis, as Utility Stores have been grappling with a depletion of their sugar stock, causing concerns among the public. In a temporary measure, the corporation had resorted to utilizing sugar seized by customs authorities, as per informed sources.

It is pertinent to mention that additional plans for the imminent procurement of another 20,000 metric tons of sugar in the next few days are also underway.

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