Punjab Increases Travel and Daily Allowances of Employees

Despite the ongoing financial crisis in the country, the government of Punjab has enhanced the traveling and daily allowances of government employees in the province.

According to the notification, employees from grades 1 to 4 have received an increase of Rs. 400 in their daily allowance. Similarly, grades 5 to 11 have received an increase of Rs. 400 in their daily allowance.

Furthermore, employees from 12 to 16 will now get Rs. 2,160 as their daily allowance compared to the previous amount of Rs. 1,440. Grade 22 officers’ allowance has been increased from Rs. 4,800 to Rs. 7,200.

The grade 17 and 18 officers’ allowance has been increased to Rs. 3,840. Additionally, grade 19 and 20 employees will get an increased allowance of Rs. 4,920.

Moreover, the traveling allowance has also been enhanced from Rs. 5 to Rs. 7.5 per Km in the case of public transport.

Employees would get Rs. 15 per Km instead of the previous Rs. 10 in case of using personal vehicles.

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