Samsung is Bringing S24 Ultra’s Display Features to Cheaper Phones Too

According to a reliable source known for its Samsung-related leaks, there are indications that Samsung is planning to align the display technology across its Galaxy S24, S24+, and 24 Ultra models more closely.

Notably, the Korean tech giant has decided to incorporate its latest and most advanced display tech into all three models, rather than reserving it solely for the Ultra variant, as was customary in previous years.

The information shared on X (formerly referred to as Twitter) reveals that all three models will boast LTPO, M13 displays with an impressive peak brightness of 2,500 nits. In the past, only the Ultra models were equipped with LTPO panels and capable of achieving higher levels of brightness.

In the upcoming generation, the sole distinguishing factor will be the display resolution of the standard Galaxy S24, along with the obvious variation in size among the three models.

Consequently, this shift signifies that variable refresh rate capabilities will be extended to the non-Ultra models. Regarding the 2,500 nits peak brightness, it likely pertains to the panels’ capacity to enhance brightness specifically when playing HDR-compatible content, which remains an impressive feature.

This represents a positive change in Samsung’s strategy, as the Galaxy S24 and S24+ continue to maintain their status as flagship smartphones. Therefore, offering the best of Samsung’s technology across the board makes complete sense.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to become official sometime in January next year or in February at the latest. We will get to know more once the launch date draws near.

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